Vés al contingut (premeu Retorn)

Degree Certificate

(Catalan version)


Once you have completed your studies, you can request the degree certificate and the European Diploma Supplement (SET). The SET is a document, printed in Catalan, Spanish and English, that describes the nature, level, context and content of the degree and it can be used to recognize the degree in Europe.

You can request the degree certificate when the following information appears on the screen of the e-Secretaria:

Record state: Closed
Record condition: Entitled/Qualified

(This information is available aproximately one week after the TFG/TFM lecture).


Onsite request

To apply for the degree certificate, you must complete the following steps:

  • Go the Oficina Oberta during customer service hours. If it is not possible for you to come personally, you can authorize a third person by filling the following FORM.

  • Show the original and a photocopy of the student's current Passport. If you are a citizen of the UE you can also be identified by the NIE plus the identity card of your country (always current documents).

  • Review and sign the form that will be provided to you.
  • Pay the application fee for the degree certificate. You can check the price in the document PREUS ACADÈMICS published annually by the Generalitat de Catalunya. If you have a valid discount that must be applied, you must show the corresponding documents when applying for the degree certificate.

The payment of the fee can be made by credit card (recommended option) or in cash at any office of La Caixa.

  1. Payment by credit card at the Oficina Oberta. Once the payment has been made, the student will receive the receipt of the payment.
  1. Payment in cash at any office of La Caixa. You must return the receipt of the payment to the Academic Management Area (the certificate will not be processed until the receipt of the payment has been returned to the Academic Management Area).

Once payed (and the receipt has been delivered to the Academic Management Area), you will receive the confirmation of the official degree certificate and SET. This document of confirmation has the same validity as the original degree certificate while the original document is under expedition.