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Academic Management

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Oficina Oberta's Open Hours and Register


  • From September 1st to July 31st (closes in August) opens from Monday to Friday from 11:00 to 13:00.
  • From October 1st to May 31st also opens Tuesday from 15:00 to 16:45.


: 93 552 35 02
Address: Campus Building (D7), ground floor. Esteve Terradas street, number 10. 08860 Castelldefels. Baix Llobregat Campus 


For document registration go to the UPC Electronic Office



What is the Teaching Support Office?

Belongs to the administrative organisation of the Campus and is the office that is in charge of academic management of the two schools of the Campus: EETAC and EEABB.


What is the "Oficina Oberta"?

The “Oficina Oberta” is part of the Teaching Support Office and is the responsible for the direct attention to the user. 

This attention can be:

  • Online: writing a ticket (Demana):
  • In person: in the office in the ground floor of the Campus building (D7).
  • By phone: using the number 93 552 35 02 


Where to check the assessment and enrolment days?

Check the EETAC website.

  • In June you will be able to see the updated calendar for the assessment and enrolment in July.
  • In January you will be able to see the update calendar for the assessment and enrolment in February.

IMPORTANT: Before finishing your final exams (either in January or in June) you will receive and e-mail with all the information related to the process of assessment and enrolment, also the links you will need to do all the procedures. Please read it carefully.


Where to find all the academic information?


1. e-Secretaria:

Important information that you can check from this website:

  • Student academic records.
  • E-mail address. You can consult your assigned UPC address, and be able to change to your personal one. Also you can forward the UPC address so that all the university information are received in your personal e-mail.
  • You can consult the subjects syllabus coursed and enrolled.
  • You can consult your enrollment receipt.
  • You can do procedures related to the enrollment (change of group, enrollment modification, additional terms, change from full time to part time or otherwise) according to the dates established in the academic calendar.
  • You can ask for academic certificates.


2. EETAC website:

In the EETAC website you can find:

    • Information about the face to face attention to the users.
    • Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
    • Information about the access to the studies in the School
    • Information about the process of assessment and enrolment
    • Information about academic regulations, students mobility, Final Project, grants, credit recognition, general competences, etc.
    • Instructions for doing any academic procedure 


    3. SIA / NETAREA:

    In SIA / NetArea website you can find

    • Your tutor's name
    • The marks
    • Your timetable (and you can save it in PDF or export it to google calendar).


    Who can help you if you have doubts?


    For academic doubts, contact academic management:

    1. Online with a ticket (Demana): (recommended option)
    2. In person at the "Oficina Oberta" during office hours.
    3. By phone: 93 552 35 02


    For IT doubts, contact with the IT Services (ATIC):

    1. Online using this website:
    2. By phone: 93 401 62 13
    3. By e-mail: