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Master's Degrees

Imatge Màsters universitaris


Master's degree in Applied Telecommunications and Engineering Management (MASTEAM). This master's degree is intended for those willing to acquire the skills that will enable them to conceive, design and implement cutting-edge engineering solutions based on the latest telecommunication and Internet technologies in order to improve people’s welfare in a sustainable economy.

Master's degree in Aerospace Science and Technology (MAST). The Master's degree in Aerospace Science and Technology provides advanced training in the sciences and technology that are currently most widely used and applied in the fields of aeronautics and space exploration. Graduates of this master’s degree will have been trained in an interdisciplinary area of knowledge that includes the study of theoretical and practical groundwork, techniques, methods and processes, and will be skilled at promoting, defining and managing innovative research projects. This master’s degree has received the International Master’s Programme distinction (2013 call) awarded by the Government of Catalonia’s Agency for the Management of University and Research Grants (AGAUR).

Master's degree in Applications and Technologies for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones). The Master's degree in Applications and Technologies for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (drones) (MED for short) offers specialized training in the applications of drones, including technical aspects, such as platforms and instruments, and legal and economic aspects, such as regulations and business opportunities. You will learn to:


  • Devise new applications for drones.
  • Choose the most suitable platforms for these applications.
  • to integrate into the platforms the equipment needed for a mission, such as sensors and cameras, and to develop any other additional components, such as hardware and software, needed for integration.
  • And finally, to turn these applications into feasible and profitable businesses.

You will learn all of the above while working in a company or research group on a project that makes up 75% of the master's degree workload.Graduates of the master's degree will be qualified to join any company that is devoted to developing and selling industrial solutions based on UAVs.