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Extraordinary measures for the public health alert by COVID-19


This page provides a summary of the changes on the conventional semester and on the general administrative procedures, as a result of the suspension of the face-to-face activities decreed by the UPC on March 13, 2020, following the instructions of the Government of the Generalitat of Catalonia within the framework of the public health alert for COVID-19. As you know, this planning is subject to further changes in line with the evolution of the situatio.



Please note that the following information about modification of the academic calendar and evaluation applies only to the Bachelor Degree studies offered by the School. Our master courses have a different calendar and evaluation structure. Please check the information about each master in its website and/or contact the Master's Academic Coordinator.


  1. Given the uncertainty in the calendar and the high probability that normal academic activity will not be able to resume during the rest of the course, the face-to-face classroom-based teaching corresponding to the second semester of the 2019-2020 course (Spring 2020) will cease as of March 13 and until at the end of the semester. All remaining teaching activity will be carried out online. 


  1. Deadline for cancelling registration: 30 April 2020 (17/04/2020).


  1. Lecturing calendar modifications:

    • All working days upon returning from the Easter holiday and until the end of the term will be employed in remote lecturing.

      • All working days from 24 April to 12 June are reserved for online synchronous teaching
      • Remote exams will be held from 15 June to 1 July


  1. Exams

    • Mid term (MQ) exams have been suppressed

    • Final (FQ) exams:

      • May absorb the added weight of the mid term exam (as long as the sum MQ+FQ does not exceed 50% of the total mark. Evaluation criteria may change if required to meet this condition)
      • Calendar: 15 June to 1 July 2020 (05/05/2020)
      • Duration: 3h


  1. Evaluation

    • Grade publication: 3 July
    • Final grades: 8 July


  1. Timetables

    • During remote lecturings:

      • Communications will be done through the online postboard at the virtual campus (ATENEA) of each course. Students must ensure they have their email accounts properly set up and that they receive all messages.

      • Asynchronous lecturing (view on demand): The lecturer will post all materials at the virtual campus of the course (ATENEA) and inform the students through the online postboard of the deadline for completing the tasks and uploading the results/reports.

      • Synchronous lecturing (real time):

        • Each course has its usual schedule booked for synchronous lecturing as shown in horaris.

        • The lecturer will inform the students of how each  time slot will be used for remote lecturing and will provide the means for the remote connection. A margin of 5min must be allowed for at start and end of each session to avoid interfering with the previous and following classes.

        • The student is responsible for being available for online lecturing or remote evaluation at all time slots corresponding to his registration group.

      • Lab sessions:

        • Laboratory sessions that require hardware that is only available at the school are cancelled and must be replaced for remote activities.


  1. Doubts/complaints EETAC:


  1. Final theses (TFEs)

    • Offer and appointment: through SIA (as usual).

    • Registration

      • During the ordinary registration period (next call in July).

      • Registration out of the ordinary period must be requested through DEMANA-OSD (Tema d'ajuda: TFG-TFM/thesis; Matricula/Enrollment-Registration) and must be authorised by the head of studies

    • Supervision: remote, using the tools indicated by the supervisor.

    • Defence:

      • Deadline

        • Registered in July/September 2019 (and currently under extension): 15 July is the current deadline for the defence under the extraordinary call (remember that you must upload the thesis' memory one week before the defence).

        • Registered in February 2020: 15 September is the current deadline for the defence under the ordinary call and 30 October is the deadline for the extraordinary call (remember that you must upload the thesis' memory one week before the defence).

          • New Exception (Final Theses with experimental content that require access to facilities currently inaccessible): a defence deadline extension for the extraordinary call may be requested to postpone the defence until 30 November. To apply for the extension, the supervisor must contact the Head of Studies (Undergraduate or Master) before 24 May. (22/05/2020)

      • Committee appointment: through SIA (as usual).

      • Defence procedure: thses might be defended remotely using a suitable videocall tool.

      • Evaluation: e-signature are currently being assessed. In the meantime.

        • Degree theses (TFGs): online grading through SIA (no need to print the defence report or sign it).

        • Master theses (TFMs): the committee secretary must print the defence report, and then sign, scan and send it by email to 

    • TFEs in a company or research centre: It follows the academic process regardless of the university/3rd party agreement only if all tasks can be guaranteed to be done remotely (remote final thesis at a company).


  1. Internships

    • The ongoing internships can continue until their end whenever remote working is allowed by the company; an extension is also allowed whenever the current EETAC legislation is followed and remote working guaranteed. In case the company cannot assign you tasks that you can perform at home, you can ask them to postpone the end of the internship period, in order to complete them when we exit the emergency statusIn any case, despite the employees are going back to work, all the UPC students with an internship agreement must continue working remotely until  UPC academic activity will go back to face-to-face mode.

    • We cannot sign new internship agreements until we resume the face-to-face activityThis applies for curricular and extra-curricular internships, inside and outside of Spain.

    • Whenever the company can assure remote working from home, new internships for developing the Bachelor/Master thesis can be handled through electronic signatura during the emergency period. 

    • New For more information, have a look here. (22/05/2020)


  1. Degree document

    • Degree documents already issued but pending pickup cannot be handed until the end of confinement.

    • New request must be done physically at the campus UTG once confinement is over

    • In case of an emergency, to accredit the possession of the degree to a third party, students might open a ticket through DEMANA OSD indicating the following options:

      • Theme: Títol/Degree Certificat
      • Procedure: Altres/Other questions


  1. Infrastructure and tools for online teaching


Last update: 22/05/2020