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MASTEAM Talks - Dr. Daniel Camps - Applications of SDN to Wireless and Mobile Networks

12/12/2018 de 17:30 a 18:30
C4-001Pg (auditorium)
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The Master's degree in Applied Telecommunications and Engineering Management (MASTEAM) organizes a weekly series of activities (talks, technical visits, discussion pannels) that complement the academic activities with real-world experiences from companies, research centres and institutions in the main topics of the master: Internet of Things. Smart Cities, 5G mobile communications, Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Radio (SDR), cloud computing, augmented reality and audiovisual services, among others.

This week's activity will be a talk from Dr. Daniel Camps (i2Cat Foundation)

Daniel Camps

Speaker: Dr. Daniel Camps (i2Cat Foundation).

Title: "Applications of SDN to Wireless and Mobile Networks".

Abstract: This talk will survey the recent application of Software Defined Networks (SDN) technologies to wireless and mobile networks. In addition, the talk will describe how the Mobile and Wireless Internet (MWI) group at I2CAT is applying SDN mechanisms to design novel Wi-Fi Small Cell solutions, which incorporate slicing, virtualization, and joint access and backhaul capabilities. The talk will also describe how these technologies have been demonstrated in the H2020 projects 5G-XHAUL (https://www.5g-xhaul-project.eu/) and 5G-PICTURE (https://www.5g-picture-project.eu/).

Bio: Daniel Camps is currently leading the Mobile and Wireless Internet Group (MWI) at the I2CAT Foundation. Our group's interest lies generally in the wireless domain, and specifically on embedding wireless interfaces in devices constrained in power and energy. Thus, 802.15.4, 802.11, 6LoWPAN, CoAP, and in general the Internet of Things (IoT) are technologies we enjoy tinkering with, always with an experimental approach. In addition to IoT we also investigate architectures and algorithms to improve the capacity of mobile communication networks, focusing here on Wi-Fi based access networks and on the application of logically centralized SDN protocols to improve performance and manageability of the wireless access. Previous to working at I2CAT, Daniel was a researcher at NEC Networks Laboratories in Heidelberg, Germany. At NEC Daniel focused on wireless networks, QoS, and energy efficiency, and was also involved in standardization for wireless LANs contributing both to the Wi-Fi Alliance and to the IEEE 802.11 working group.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danielcamps


When: December 12th, 17:30h (duration 1h)

Where: Classroom C4-001Pg (auditorium), EETAC, Campus Castelldefels UPC. How to arrive.