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MASTEAM talks - If your city is smart, then why your buses are not? - Kirill Blazhko

24/10/2018 de 17:30 a 18:30
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The Master's degree in Applied Telecommunications and Engineering Management (MASTEAM) organizes a weekly series of activities (talks, technical visits, discussion pannels) that complement the academic activities with real-world experiences from companies, research centres and institutions in the main topics of the master: Internet of Things, Smart Cities, 5G mobile communications, Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Radio (SDR), cloud computing, augmented reality and audiovisual services, among others.


This week's activity will be a talk from Kirill Blazhko (CEO of Tunnll).

Date: October 24th, 17:30h (duration 1h)

Location: Building C4, Classroom 021B, EETAC, Campus Castelldefels UPC. How to arrive.

Title: If your city is smart, then why your buses are not?

Abstract: Hundreds of small cities around the world can not afford to subsidize good-quality public transportation. The waiting times in those cities are very long or there is basically no public transportation at all. Non-existing public transportation leads to ever-growing cities' dependence on personal cars that are one of the main contributors of greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution and traffic congestion. The inefficient bus usage results in more than 1 billion people (low- and medium income families and individuals) having very limited social mobility and access to job interviews, jobs, schools, healthcare and other essential urban amenities.

Tunnll is a next-generation passenger transportation technology. It transforms existing public transport bus services into smart mobility systems. It allows any existing transport operator in a small town to serve many more passengers with the same buses and drivers. At the same time it brings totally car-free smart mobility to the town residents: with Tunnll they can order any bus with a smartphone app, like with any modern app-enabled ride-sharing or taxi service.

Bio: Kirill Blazhko is a CEO of Tunnll, an urban transportation startup which helps small towns to provide smart mobility to their citizens. He founded his first startup in 2007. He started in public transit advertising and later became interested in how urban transportation works and how it can be improved with mobile, satellite and IoT technologies. Kirill holds 2 engineering degrees: Applied IT and Data Processing Automated Systems.