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Wireless technology exhibition and filter design competition by Qorvo

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Qorvo is a US Company manufacturer of active and passive RF integrated circuits that has collaborated regularly, for more than 15 years, with the Advanced microwave and RF passive devices for communications research group within the CSC group of the EETAC. In June 2022, Qorvo opened a new site in Spain, located at the K2M building at the UPC, and the EETAC will held a technology exhibition on 15th December that includes an electro-acoustic filter design competition. The assistance is open to any student or researcher that would like to learn more about the technology that drives all the RF filters that you can find in a current mobile phone.

The registration form is: https://forms.gle/oxupSdawEXyqjozXA. In addition to this form, those who want to attend to the competition must notify Qorvo by e-mail following the instructions that you will find at the QR code in the flyer. Registration for the competition will close on December 3.