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Catalan-German Doctoral presentations

On September 12th, at room C4-022B from 9:00 to 18:30, several German and Catalan PhD students will present the current progress of their thesis
Catalan-German Doctoral presentations

On September 12th about 20 researchers from the University of Freiburg, Germany, will visit us invited by Manel Gasulla, Head of the e-CAT research group from the EETAC, UPC. German researchers are leaded by Prof. Leonhard Reindl, Head of the Laboratory for Electrical Instrumentation, and Prof. Christian Schindelhauer, Head of the Chair of Computer Networks and Telematics. On the other hand, several research groups from the EETAC (e-CAT, ISI, CSC, and WNG) and the SARTI group from the Vilanova Campus will also participate. During the day, both German and Catalan PhD students will present the current progress of their thesis. Topics are on indoor localization, wireless energy transmission, design of sensor nodes for the IoT, energy harvesting for marine applications, Bluetooth mesh networks and IPv6 over LPWAN, SAW devices, or bioradar, among others. The aim is to generate an exchange of ideas and stablish a fruitful cooperation between both institutions. The sessions are open to the research community, and in particular to Master and Bachelor students interested in pursuing PhD studies.

Presentations will be at room C4-022B from 9:00 to 18:30. As the number of seats is limited, if you are interested in coming, please contact in advance to Manel Gasulla at



Morning Presentations (Room C4-022B)

9:00  Alexander Richter: "Real time endoscope tracking using 3D point clouds"
9:20  Fabian Schillinger: "Crucial and redundant shares and compartments in secret sharing"
9:40  Di Shi: "Bioradar: detecting the trapped alive victims"
10:00 Sergio Gutierrez: "Matlab based simulation tool of SAW devices"
10:20 Welcome from the faculty director

10:50 Coffee Break (Room C4-030)

11:10 Thomas Schächtle: "Ultrasonic coupled passive wireless sensor system"
11:30 Wenxin Xiong: "A robust model transformation approach for TDOA-based localization in NLOS Environments"
11:50 Dominik Schott: To be announced
12:10 Sebastian Stöcklin: "Efficient and miniaturized wireless power transfer for biomedical implants"
12:30 Edgar Ripoll: “Design and implementation of wireless nodes for the IoT”
12:50 Matias Carandell Widmer: “Design of energy harvesting systems for autonomous sensors in low power marine applications”


14:30 Visit to research groups

Afternoon Presentations (Room C4-022B)

15:30 Joan Bordoy: “Acoustic localization in mixed environments with line-of-sight and  non-line-of-sight"
16:30 Mahdi Darroudi: "BLE mesh networks"
16:50 Coffee Pause
17:10 Sergio Aguilar: "IPv6 over LPWAN"
17:30 Marta González Rodríguez, “Progress on PIM measurements and nonlinear modelling of SAW devices”
17:50 Closure





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