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Innovation HUB UPC - HUAWEI: Huawei Data Challenge | June 2021

Register before June 27, 2021. New Huawei Challenge that will take place in June 16-30, 2021. Would be great to invite UPC students to participate.
Innovation HUB UPC - HUAWEI: Huawei Data Challenge | June 2021

Huawei Paris Research Center is delighted to invite you to take part at the 2021 Edition of Huawei European University Challenge!
Get a chance to win 13.000 euros and other special prizes,  learn data science from each other, team up and compete with fellow participants.

Here is a webpage: https://xianti.fr/june-2021-challenge


Join us between June 16 - June 30, 2021

What will I learn?

This year's challenge topic is dedicated to Optical networks.

From time-series data collected from the optical lines in a city, the challenge will be to predict whether the optical link will collapse in a near future.

How to join?

  1. Register before June 27, 2021:


  1. Send your proof of student status and expected date of graduation to Jiao Li (li.jiao@huawei.com) with a subject line "Huawei RAMP sign-up"

  2. Receive a confirmation - You’re all set!

Win prizes:

1st place: 7.000 Euros

2nd place: 4.000 Euros

3rd place: 2.000 Euros

Who is eligible to participate?

Undergraduate, Master's, and PhD students currently registered with an institution in France, Spain or Portugal and studying engineering, mathematics, computing science or related fields. Students who graduated up to 2 years ago are also eligible.

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