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SCAVENGE data challenge

Project Proposal (abstract): 15/01/2019. SCAVENGE is launching two data challenges to discover latent patterns within mobile data (Challenge1) and wind energy sources (Challenge2) !!
SCAVENGE data challenge

SCAVENGE is launching two data challenges  to discover latent patterns within mobile data (Challenge1) and wind energy sources (Challenge2) !!

Any undergraduate student can participate. Alone or in a group (max 3 students).

The winners of the two challenges will participate in the Final SCAVENGE Workshop & Exhibition event (more info soon)

Challenge1: Mobile Data

We provide a dataset containing traces from the 4G control channel of 3 different cells. Data includes one week of observations of the mobile users both uplink (UL) and downlink (DL). Specifically, the dataset consists of 4 columns containing: Timestamp, Temporal User Identifier, Transmission direction (UL/DL) and Modulation and Coding Scheme (MCS) Index (from 1 to 29).

Challenge2: Wind Energy

We provide a dataset containing hourly wind energy capacity factor values for different European areas. The capacity factor is the unitless ratio of an actual electrical energy output over a given period of time to the maximum possible electrical energy output over that period. The dataset contains 30 years of hourly observations, starting from January 1st, 1986. The European geographical area is divided up considering the second-level Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS-2). The dataset is composed of 262968 rows (one for each hour) and 255 columns (one for each NUTS-2 area).

For more information: http://www.scavenge.eu/dissemination/data-challenge/


  • Project Proposal (abstract): 15/01/2019
  • Notification of Acceptance: 31/01/2019
  • Contest Start: 01/02/2019
  • Final Project Due: 31/05/2019
  • Winner Announcement: 15/06/2019