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Unite! summer school on Human-Centered Machine Learning and other interesting things!
Just a reminder of the current open tasks you can participate. There are plenty of activities and they may fit both UPC students, professors and staff!
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4th Unite! Dialogue Barcelona (more Unite! activities inside)
The fourth edition of Unite! summit event is approaching. Now, for the first time, the 4th Unite! Dialogue Barcelona scheduled from the 29th of November until the 1st of December will include the Unite! Branding event which constitutes the major multiplier event and goes under the headline “Paving the way for the 2030 European Universities”.
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Unite! initiatives recopilation
Below you will find this weeks’ Unite! initiatives recopilation. Unite! is an alliance of universities in seven European countries, leaders in technology and engineering.
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Unite!4future: convocatòria per estudiants / student call
Hi poden participar estudiants de tots els nivells (Grau, Màster i Doctorat). Students at all levels (Bachelor's, Master's and PhD) can participate.
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Sessió informativa sobre la convocatòria Unite! de projectes d'estudiants "Unite!4future"
Data i hora de la sessió informativa: dimarts 6 de juliol del 2021, a les 15h (CET). Convocatòria adreçada a estudiants de qualsevol nivell d'estudis (Grau, Màster o Doctorat) de la UPC.
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Curs online de Aalto University “From value capture to value sharing - Designing business models for shared value”
Termini d'inscripció: abans de l'1 d'abril. Aquest curs online està ofertat per Aalto University en el marc de la Universitat europea Unite! en la que participa la UPC.
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Be INSPIRED - Funding for UNITE! students - International Project week in Darmstadt Summer 2020
The application deadline is 07 February 2020. INSPIRED is an International project week on bio-engineering in Darmstad that will offer 20 students from all UNITE! partners a first hands-on experience of what UNITE! is about. INSPIRED is a flagship project within UNITE!, where 20 students from all UNITE! partners can attend in 2020.
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UNITE! Virtual fair coming up next week!
Register before the 1st of November, because we will send a link to access Spatial Chat only to registered participants on the 2nd of November. This 3rd of November from 12 to 15 (CET), join the Unite! Virtual Fair for Students through the interactive platform, Spatial Chat, to discover the broad range of study opportunities that Unite! offers and to meet students and staff from all the seven universities.
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UNITE! - creating a new European virtual and physical inter-university campus
Unite! is an alliance of universities in seven European countries, leaders in technology and engineering, which will set a new model for a European virtual and physical inter-university campus in the following years.
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