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Bachelor and master's theses

The degree thesis management application is part of the SIA. The application manages all the stages along both bachelor and master theses development, from the proposal to grading and final deposit in the library repo.

As soon as  the professor assigns a project to a student using the app an automatic e-mail-based notification system will ensure that both the student and the supervisor of the thesis are informed at all times.

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR STUDENTS: Check you UPC institutional e-mail address (see e-mail address section in e-Secretaria) as all e-mails related to the management of the degree thesis will be sent to this address.




1. Registration

The degree thesis must be done individually.

Credits’ requirements

  • Bachelor's degree students: Students can register for the final thesis with 60 or less pending credits left to complete the bachelor’s degree (including the credits of the degree thesis).
  • In the case of the double bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Systems Engineering and Telecommunications Systems Engineering or Network Engineering, students can  register the thesis with a maximum of 84 credits pending.
  • In the case of the double bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications Systems Engineering and Network Engineering, students can register the final thesis with a maximum of 78 credits pending.


  • Theses done at the school: Students can request the assignment of a thesis topic two days before the date of the established enrolment period, at the latest.
  • Theses done in a company or research centre: When the thesis is carried out in an external entity, the student may request the assignment at any time of the semester prior to registration, provided that they are currently enrolled. In addition, in order to register the thesis as a traineeship/internship in a company, the corresponding educational cooperation agreement must have been signed.

Validity of the assignment

Generally, registration for the final thesis is done during the ordinary enrolment period that follows the topic assignment. After that period, both the student and the director can withdraw their commitment to the assignment if the registration has not been formalized.

Procedure and requirements for theses carried out as an internship in a company

In addition to the previous sections, which remain applicable, in order to carry out a thesis in an external entity, an educational cooperation agreement must have been processed and signed prior to registration. In these cases, the procedure will be as follows (note that the order of the actions is imperative):

  • 1st. The thesis advisor generates an internship thesis offer through SIA.
  • 2nd. The advisor assigns the offer to a student that has expressed interest.
  • 3rd. The cooperation agreement is processed through e-PRISMA and the student’s tutor must validate it.

Only if the student has an ongoing employment contract with the company where the thesis will take place, the cooperation agreement step can be waived. The rest of the steps remain the same, but the student must send a copy of the contract to instead of processing the mandatory cooperation agreement.

Registration of two theses in the case of double degree students

Students who are pursuing a double degree can do a single, combined thesis, valid for both degrees. This single thesis must include technical contents of both degrees and the corresponding professional activities. Students who are following a double degree program but prefer to defend two separate and independent tehses (one for each degree) must file a DEMANA ticket explicitly requesting it once the assignment of the first TFE has been validated.

2. Enrolment 

Enrolment period

Registration of the thesis is done online in the ordinary enrolment periods (July/September or February), so the assignment must be done at least two days before the scheduled date of enrolment.

If the thesis is associated with an internship at a company or research centre, registration may be formalised at any time, as long as the education cooperation agreement is signed at that same time. To request this, the student must file a DEMANA ticket.

Registration validity

The thesis enrolment will be valid according to the calendar established by the EETAC. If the final thesis is not defended within the first call as established in the calendar, the student will have to re-enrol to defend the thesis within the second call (see details below).

If the thesis deposit is not done before the end of the second period, the student will be graded as "NP (NO PRESENTAT)” (not defended), and the registration and enrolment processes must start scratch, with the corresponding economic penalty for credit repetition.

Enrolment fees to access the second call

Re-enrolment to defend within the second call deadline requires no action on part of the student.  The enrolment fees corresponding to the extension are generated automatically upon deposit of the thesis. The student will receive notification by e-mail and will accordingly be able to process the enrolment through the e-Secretaria. Only the administrative fees (around 90 to 95 euros, covering the management of the academic record, learning support and student insurance, if applicable) are paid in order to obtain the extension, not the credits.


3. Deposit 

Once enrolled, students must deposit their final thesis via SIA (TFG-Estudiants) before the deadline established in the calendar.

The examination committee shall assess the documents and may suggest/request corrections if necessary. In this case, the student must correct and re-deposit a final version of the thesis.


4. Formation of the examination committee

Once the thesis registration has been completed (the deposit is not required), the thesis advisor can appoint the members of the examination committee.

After the submission, the advisor must approve the deposit and arrange the date/time/place of the defence in coordination with the committee members.

If the student wishes to fix a specific date for the defence, this must have been previously agreed with the thesis advisor so that it can be arranged. The appointment of the examination committee and the date/time/place of the defence will be communicated to the student through automatic e-mails sent by SIA.

The defence may only be carried out remotely through videoconference if duly justified. The approval of EETAC’s Deputy Director for Planning is required and the link to the URL of the videoconference (preferably Gmeet) must be indicated in the "defence place" section when the data is provided in SIA. Properly indicating the place, date and time of the defence is especially important in the case of master theses because in this case defence is a public an open act.


5. Assessment

The examination committee is responsible for grading the thesis and issuing the corresponding report and, if appropriate, for proposing a Honours Distinction. See the aspects considered in thesis assessment here.

Once the secretary of the examination committee has recorded/validated the final mark in the SIA application, students who have already completed all requirement for the obtention of the degree (i.e. have passed all  credits and attained the foreign language competency)  will still have to wait before they can process their degree certificate with the Open Office. This processing can be initiated when the first screen of the e-Secretaria shows the following information:

Status of the record: Closed
Status of the student: Graduate

Check here for the Distinctions awarded to EETAC theses.



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