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Bachelor and master's theses

The management application for the Final Degree Thesis (TFE) is integrated into SIA. This application allows the management of all phases of the Bachelor Thesis (TFG) or the Master Thesis (TFM), from proposal (made by the professor who will supervise the work) to the evaluation and deposit in the library.

From the moment the professor assigns a project to a student through this application, an automatic email notification system is activated to keep both the student and the project supervisor informed at all times.

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR STUDENTS: Please check the email address defined in the "UPC Address" section of the e-Secretaria) because this is where you will receive all emails related to the management of TFE.




1. Registration

TFEs must be done individually. TFEs cannot be submitted jointly by 2 or more students.

Pending credit requirements

  • Undergraduate students: maximum of 60 ECTS pending to complete the studies (including TFG credits).
  • Double degree in Aerospace Systems Engineering and Telecommunication Systems Engineering or Telematics Engineering: maximum of 84 pending credits to complete the studies.
  • Double degree in Telecommunication Systems Engineering and Telematics Engineering: maximum of 78 pending credits to complete the studies.

Deadlines and validity of assignment

Students can request the assignment of a TFE at any time, but at the latest two days before the scheduled enrollment date.

As a general rule, the student must enroll in the TFE during the ordinary enrollment period immediately following the assignment. After this deadline, both the student and the supervisor can withdraw the assignment as long as enrollment has not been formalized.

Procedure and requirements for TFEs carried out as internships in companies

To carry out the TFE in an external entity, a cooperation agreement must be processed and signed before enrollment. In these cases, the procedure is as follows, and it is very important to follow this order:

  1. The TFE supervisor will generate an internship TFE offer through SIA.
  2. The supervisor will assign the offer to an interested student.
  3. The cooperation agreement must be processed through e-PRISMA, and the supervisor must validate it.

Only if the student has an employment contract with the company, it will not be necessary to process the agreement. The remaining steps will be the same, but instead of processing an agreement, the student must send a copy of their contract to the email address 

Registration of two TFEs for students with double degrees

Students pursuing a double degree can submit a single TFE, valid for both degrees. This single TFE must be related to the contents of both degrees and their respective professional activities. Students pursuing the double degree who wish to submit two independent TFEs (one for each degree) must submit a ticket DEMANA requesting so after the assignment of the first TFE.

2. Enrollment 

Enrollment deadline

TFE enrollment is done online during the ordinary enrollment periods (July/September or February), and it is important that the proposal has been assigned at least two days before the scheduled enrollment date.

In the case of TFG linked to external internships, enrollment at the Open Office will be allowed in a different period, provided that the student wants to formalize the enrollment at the same time as signing the agreement. To make this request, the student must create a ticket DEMANA.

Enrollment validity

The enrollment of the TFE will have the validity established according to the published calendar.

If the student does not defend the TFE in the first call, they have the opportunity to do so in the second call. Both the assignment and the enrollment remain active, but administrative fees are not generated until the supervisor validates the deposit and defines the details of the defense. The student will receive an email notification and will be able to see the enrollment in the e-Secretariat.

If the student does not pass the TFE within the established deadline for the first call and fails also to do it within the deadline for the second call, he will be qualified as AWOL. If the supervisor and/or the student opt for the withdrawal of the assignation, the student will have to repeat the registration process from the beginning. In any case, the enrollment will be subject to the corresponding surcharge for repeating the subject.

Enrolment fees to access the second call


3. Deposit 

To proceed with the defense, the student must deposit the report through SIA (TFG-Estudiants) within the deadlines established in the calendar.

The coimmittee will evaluate the documentation and may suggest corrections if necessary. In this case, the student must re-submit the final deposit with the corrections made.


4. TFE Defense

The TFE supervisor must activate the procedure for appointing the members who will form the committee before approving the project deposit. At the time of approving the project deposit, the project supervisor must also define the date, time, and location of the defense, subject to agreement by all committee members.

The defense can only be conducted telematically if duly justified. The approval of the school director for planning (sotsdirector de planificació) will be required, and the link to the videoconference (preferably Gmeet) must be provided in the "defense location" section when entering the data into SIA. Indicating the defense location is especially important in the case of TFM, as its defense must be public.


5. Evaluation

It is the committee's responsibility to evaluate the TFE and, if applicable, propose it for Honurs (Matrícula d'Honor, MH).

The assessment of TFGs will be based on specific rubric guidelines. In the case of TFM, the assessment will follow the guidelines indicated in the verification report of the corresponding master's degree and the specific regulations applicable to it.

Once the secretary of the committee has validated the final grade in the SIA application, if the student has already passed all credits necessary to graduate and accreddited the competence in the third language, can initiate the procedure for obtaining the official degree according to the instructions found at the link. To be able to do so, the following information must appear on the first screen of the e-Secretaria:

Status of the record: Closed
Status of the student: Graduate

To find out if the MHs have already been awarded, you can check the following link.


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