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Bachelor's degrees

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Bachelor's degree in Aerospace Systems Engineering. Majors: Air Navigation and Airports. Aerospace engineers are devoted to everything that makes it possible for aircraft to fly safely and efficiently; their knowledge extends beyond aircraft to include all of the infrastructure that allows aircraft to operate safely. 


Bachelor's degree in Telecommunications Systems Engineering. Telecommunications systems engineering is concerned with designing, implementing, managing and maintaining these systems, in which information (messages and data) is transmitted, received and processed by means of electrical and radio frequency signals and optical and cable networks, across the frequency spectrum. Constant technological innovation in the world of telecommunications, its importance in our daily lives, demands engineers who have a solid theoretical and practical education and who are able to adapt to the emergence of new technologies and to improve and optimise the use of existing ones. 


Bachelor's degree in Network Engineering. Network engineering concerns the use of communication and Internet networks, a field with great potential for development in coming years that requires versatile, flexible engineers with a solid background in telecommunications who are able to adapt to emerging technologies. 


Double bachelor's degree in Telecommunications Systems Engineering or Network Engineering + Aerospace Systems Engineering. This double degree provides multidisciplinary training in aerospace systems engineering and telecommunications engineering. It is the only one of its kind in Spain and responds to the demands of the telecommunications and aerospace engineering sectors for highly capable engineers. Students who complete the double degree graduate with two bachelor’s degrees after five years (including the bachelor’s thesis) and can choose one of the majors of the bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Systems Engineering, in Air Navigation or Airports. Students begin by taking courses in both aerospace engineering and telecommunications engineering and work their way towards graduating with a double degree. 


Bachelor’s degree in Satellite Engineering. As a new addition from the 2024/25 academic year, the EETAC is also offering a Bachelor's Degree in Satellite Engineering, a unique program in Europe that will equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop a professional career in the Space field. Graduates will be able to design, control and manage satellite systems, process satellite data and develop innovative services in the space field. The curriculum is aligned with the needs of the sector and with the NewSpace Strategy of the Generalitat de Catalunya, opening up a range of opportunities in Earth observation, infrastructure management, agriculture, climate emergencies, communications and more.