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If you are interested in studying at the EETAC as an exchange student, you should verify if an agreement has been already signed between your institution and EETAC. In case no agreement is signed, you should contact the Mobility Office at your institution and ask them, or you may contact us by email () providing specific information on the period and studies you want to attend at EETAC. 

Deadlines for the application forms

The academic year at EETAC is structured in two semesters:

  • Autumn semester (QT): from mid September to the end of January (examination periods included).
  • Spring semester (QP): from mid February to the end of June (examination periods included).

For further information on the academic year please check the Academic Calendar.

Two different periods for online application are available, depending on whether you want to attend the courses at EETAC during:

  • Autumn semester (QT) or Full Year: registration period from April 1 to May 30; 
  • Spring semester (QP): registration period from October 1 to December 1.

In which language do we teach at EETAC?

UPC is a bilingual institution: both Catalan and Spanish are official languages. Which to use, is a personal choice of each professor.

The Bachelor degrees are mainly taught in Catalan or Spanish, but some courses may be taught in English. The list with the courses read in English can be found here

All the Master programs at EETAC are fully taught in English.

To enrich your mobility experience to Spain and Catalonia, you may be willing to learn a new language and get in touch with a different culture. For this, UPC offers language courses in Spanish and Catalan, designed for foreign students: Servei de Llengües i Terminologia. 

Practical information

You can find detailed information and guidelines for enrolment and much more at our Campus website.

ORIENTATION WEEK: the deadline to enrol is

  1. Mid of January for students of the spring semester (QP)
  2. September for students of the autumn semester (QT)

Further details on the Orientation week here

Also take a look to UPC's Buddy programme here

Also, you can find general information for foreign students at UPC Mobility Office.