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Are you thinking of studying abroad? Do you want to hear some of our students' experience? Mobility help you developing your full potentials, both academically and personally. By studying abroad, you will acquire new academic and professional knowledge while dealing with new cultures and growing with them.

Some of our students who have already studied abroad want to share their experience with our prospective Erasmus. Listen to their story, you won't want to leave this opportunity!

And if you want to start with a small taste of such experience, you can apply to our buddy program. You may earn credits for that! 



Àlex Esteban was selected as one of the three UPC students invited by the Ming Chi University of Technology (MCUT) to spend 10 days in Taiwan to take part in MCUT's Language and Culture Summer Camp 2023.

Reva Dhawan stayed in Krakow during 6 months working on her final degree project in which she applied machine learning approaches to identify groups and patterns considering worldwide political events during the COVID-19 pandemic through the analysis of dynamic data sets. Listen to Reva's experience and get motivated to apply for your foreign experience yourself!

“I was able to pay part of my stay thanks to the Erasmus funding, to fly to a different country to the place I wanted to research for years, to learn about their culture and to open my future in several different paths of my choice”, Sara Stephannie Padilla Romero says. "I joined the Erasmus training program during the course of 2019-2020 in the University of Manchester right before and during the pandemic of COVID-19.

By telling my story I hope you have a better idea of all the opportunities and personal growth an Erasmus can offer you. I strongly recommend you this experience and if you need any further advice feel free to contact me by email to stephypadillaromero [AT]

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I was a student at EETAC-UPC of “Telecommunications Systems engineering and Networking engineering” and thanks to this experience I had the opportunity to work in research with several PHDs students in the NEST group. 


The University always provided me with everything I needed both in my office and my house during the pandemic (check my interview here). I had the pleasure to meet incredible people that not only helped me during my days abroad but also became some of my best friends. 


Thanks to this experience and all the hard work behind it, I got an offer for a PHD position at UoM. I was also able to notoriously increase my curriculum as I have now more experience in teaching and research as well as much better English. That let me get a position in CloudBlue - Ingram Micro as Instructional designer with huge growing opportunities and where I can proudly say I’m hired at the moment.

You can also watch the full video, with more information about the research in my Linkedin account

Jordi Ventura won a Balsells scholarship to work on his final degre project (Dual Degree on Airnavigation Engineering and Telecommunications Systems) during 6 months in the University of California (USA). He is now again at University of California, pursuing his PhD there! Do you want to know more about his experience?

Ines Larrucea stayed in Torino during 6 months working on her final degree project in Aerospace engineering at Politecnico di Torino.


Julieta Flomenbaum, an electronics engineer, describes how enrolling in our Master's in Aerospace Science and Technology (MAST) allowed her to focus her career towards space communications (video in Spanish).

My name is Akos Schneider, I am from Hungary and I study Computer Science and Engineering at Budapest University of Technology and Economics. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone, and I figured one of the best ways was to study abroad.

I just finished my first semester here in Castelldefels where I had courses from Telecommunications and Network Engineering.

Because of the pandemic, most theory lectures had to be taught online, however, the practical lessons were face-to-face. My professors were helpful, and their teaching methodology was great. There is no lack of academic professionalism.

I stayed at the campus, in Pius Font i Quer residence, which made the transfer to the university building accessible, as it only took a few minutes to walk to the lectures. The accommodation is perfect, I can very much recommend staying here at the campus. It is 10 minutes away from the city center, and 15 minutes away from the beach.

Castelldefels, in general, is a versatile city, the beach is wonderful with a lot of sports activities, the city center is cozy. There are hills very close to the city, which also opens great hiking opportunities. Barcelona is 30 minutes away by train, which is also a huge advantage for Mediterranean city lovers.

I have one semester left from my academic year and I am looking forward to continuing my experience here. Despite the pandemic, it has been excellent so far. All in all, I can only recommend UPC-EETAC. I will enclose some pictures that I took during my experience of the first semester.

Daniel Schubert came from TU Braunschweig in Germany for studying in our MASTEAM program during 6 months.

Remi Cabezas came from UT Belfort-Montbéliard in France for studying in our MASTEAM program during 6 months.

Enrico Delorenzi came from Universitá di Brescia (Italy) and Stefano Scerrato came from Politecnico di Milano (Italy). Both spent a 6-month period in our MASTEAM program. Listen to their experience!