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About US


Academic Mobility Coordinator



Located in the EETAC - C4 building, 1st floor, S143h


How can I help you?

OUTGOING - I will help you with specific questions on academic issues at the host university (i.e., courses validation in the learning agreement (LA)). Also, in case you are interested in a specific university with which EETAC does not currently have a bilateral agreement (BA), I will take care of the whole process.

INCOMING - I will provide all the necessary information about the courses at our School to any prospective incoming student. In case your home institution has not yet a bilateral agreement (BA) signed with our School and you are interested, I will handle the whole process. I will help you with academic issues related with the courses/topics that you want to study at EETAC and related with your Learning Agreement (LA).


Administrative Mobility Team



Located in the Campus Building - D7, ground floor


How can we help you?

OUTGOING - At the Office of External Relations at UTG, we provide all the information about the mobility programs and procedures, manage the mobility application and necessary documentation, and provide you with the details about the application for mobility grants. 

INCOMING - We will help you during the application process and take care of your documentation. We will keep you informed of specific buddy programs at our University, like the Salsa'm program. We will welcome you once you arrive at our School and help you with taking first steps here, also taking care of the necessary signatures you may ask. We will help you with the schedule of your courses, and manage changes in your LA with the academic coordinator.