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EETAC International Agreements

Get in touch with another university, another country, or an international enterprise, improving your knowledge of languages and cultures... These are some of the advantages of the mobility programs that are offered at EETAC. Personal experiences that will make you enjoy your stay at national and foreign universities, as well as conduct business practices here and around the world. Opportunities to grow, learn and open yourself to the industry and to the world.


If you are reading this section, it is likely you are thinking of spending part of your studies abroad. This may be a difficult decision to make, and it may be even more difficult to choose the country and the school. However, for sure, this is the best period of your life for doing it. There are lots of universities with similar educational programs and more facilities than ever before for getting scholarships to cover travel expenses... Don't doubt any further, this would be an experience you will never forget.

There are plenty of personal benefits; obvious ones like broadening one's horizons, exiting the comfort zone, immersing oneself in a foreign culture, learning a new language, new viewpoints and methods of teaching, new friendships... And others like increased self-reliance, self-assurance, maturity, adaptability and increased employability. Mobility is an excellent medicine against shyness, intolerance, racism... and is highly addictive! Most students that travel during their Bachelor's degrees repeat the experience for their Master's degrees.

We encourage our students to spend part of their studies at universities abroad, especially in European countries. This is usually accomplished through institutional Student Exchange Agreements which can be arranged in a very short time and with little paperwork. Students stay at least one semester and usually extend their stay to a full academic year.

EETAC participates in several universities consortiums such as CLUSTER, CINDA, CAESAR, orientated to provide "High Quality" Engineering Education and improve links between Engineering schools and universities. There are several official exchange programmes which offer scholarships, for example: Erasmus Studies, Erasmus Training, UPC-Europe, UPC-America Latina, UNITECH, etc.

If you are an incoming student at EETAC, please visit this other page