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Are you an EETAC student and are you thinking of studying abroad?

This could be a tough decision to make, and it may be even more difficult to choose the country and the school. However, for sure, this is the best period of your life for doing it. There are lots of universities with similar educational programs and more facilities than ever before for getting scholarships to cover travel expenses.

Are you interested in studying at the EETAC as an exchange student?

You should verify if an agreement has been already signed between your institution and EETAC. In case no agreement is signed, you should contact the Mobility Office at your institution and ask them providing specific information on the period and studies you want to attend at EETAC.

The bilateral agreements currently signed by EETAC with universities from all-over the world are displayed in this map. They have been classified by degree, so you can filter them by clicking in the upper side of the map.