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Two of the key areas in which EETAC is committed are relations with companies, in the ICT field and in the aerospace field, and the internationalization of the studies through student exchange programs, at another university or in a company abroad. The External Relations Area at EETAC works intensively in the support and management swithin these topics, with the aim of maintaining the position of EETAC as a reference center in the Baix Llobregat area in the AeroTelecom field.

Companies are a key player in society and contribute at creating innovation, well-being and wealth. EETAC recognizes its value and importance in collaborating to train professionals capable of successfully integrating into the business and productive mesh, always transforming it from the values of the UPC.

The following sections explain how companies or research centers can collaborate with EETAC.



Talent adquisition:


If you are interested in talent recruitment, the easiest way is offering traineeships in your company to our last-year students. If your company can offer tasks related with telecommunications and/or aerospace, you can publish an offer to our students. Enrolling in a traineeship is a good way for our students to complement their academic knowledge in a more practical way, while acquiring professional skills in the company, promoting and consolidating the collaboration between university and the company, and strengthening the links among the students, the companies and the university.

A traineeship offers to our students a training complement to their degree that will help them introducing themselves to business and professional world.

Who can offer a traineeship

  • Companies and private institutions
  • Companies and public institutions
  • Professionals and professional associations
  • Research centers and research groups inside the university
  • Companies and foreign universities (international traineeships)

Advantages for companies

  • Recruit students in advanced training in the different technological areas of the School's studies (AeroTelecom)
  • Get to know candidates in depth and in real working conditions to eventually hire them in the future in the company
  • Talent recruitment: the company selects the students before hiring them
  • It counts as a staff expense
  • No contractual relationship is established between the company and the student, as the nature of the traineeship is academic and not labor, in accordance with Article 2.3 of the Royal Decree 592/2014

What do we ask to the company

  • Define one of its employees as the company supervisor of the student
  • Offer tasks related with our engineering studies (telecommunications or aerospace, depending on the student degree)
  • Pay the student for the traineeship period
  • Sign a traineeship agreement, together with the university and the student
  • Evaluate the student during the traineeship period

How can I publish a traineeship to EETAC students?

Another way for recruiting talent, knowing them directly and talking with them, is joining our business fair.

Forum Aerotelecom is a business fair organized entirely by our students; it is held every year on the last Wednesday in April or on the first Wednesday in May at the Campus of the Baix Llobregat of the UPC (Castelldefels). This event was born with the aim of establishing bridges between our talent and the companies in the telecommunications and aerospace sectors.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this year's fair has been cancelled.

If you have a job offer and would like to share it with EETAC graduates or final year students, please contact us by sending an email to 

Make yourself visible:


If you want our students to know at first-hand the hot topics on which your organization is currently working, you can offer: 

  • talks to our last-year Bachelor students, typically on Wednesdays during cultural hour (11 a.m. to 12). It is preferable if they have a technical content, for example explaining the engineering projects in which the company works  
  • highly technical talks, provided in English to our master's students, typically during the master talk sessions of each master's degree 
  • guided visits to your facilities  

If you are interested in one of these formats you can contact us (

Very often, students organize talks and/or round tables during their Business Forum. If you are interested, you can have a look at the information of this year's Fórum Aerotelecom (information in Catalan) and ask for more information.

You can also participate in professional round tables. These sessions are usually organized by UPC Alumni (information in Spanish) and you can contact them directly.


UPC Alumni


Creating synergies with the School:


EETAC is committed to promote projects in which students can collaborate with the company so to expand and complement the knowledge acquired during their studies. Interested companies can present business projects within academic courses or collaborate with specific seminars within our master's degrees. If you are interested you can contact us

In addition, companies can offer our students to work on technical projects as a final thesis (TFG - Bachelor thesis, or TFM - Master's thesis). You only have to identify your internship offer in our platform as a project and with a number of hours equivalent to the weight of the corresponding final thesis (see the table with the summary; more info here).

In the research field, the company can collaborate with the teaching staff of the School in research projects or through industrial PhDs. projectes de recerca o bé a través dels Industrial Doctorates.




You may be interested in collaborating with EETAC as a sponsor for our students. There are many options that the same company may propose; here there are just some examples:

  • Best thesis award (Bachelor Thesis or Master Thesis)

  • Assignment of laboratory equipment 

  • Student sponsorship (scholarship to study)

  • Premium Company Chairs (more info at UPC webpage)

If you are interested, you can contact us