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********* IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR UPCOMING MOBILITY APPLICATIONS (for the academic year 2023-24) **********

Before attending the informative session, we ask you please to:

a) Carefully read all the mobility information available on this website. You can watch an explanatory video here. 

b) Send all your questions before the meeting and confirm your assistance at

A summary of the main mobility programs can be found here:




You can download the last presentation here (for mobility during the Academic Year 2023-24). As soon as we have the new one (for mobility during the AY 2024-25), we will update the presentation.  


Are you an EETAC student and are you thinking of studying abroad? This could be a tough decision to make, and it may be even more difficult to choose the country and the school. However, for sure, this is the best period of your life for doing it. There are lots of universities with similar educational programs and more facilities than ever before for getting scholarships to cover travel expenses.

DON’T DOUBT ANY FURTHER!!! It will be an experience you will never forget! There are plenty of personal benefits: broadening one's horizons, exiting the comfort zone, immersing in a foreign culture, learning a different language, new points of view and diverse methods of teaching, building new friendships, increasing self-reliance, self-assurance, maturity, adaptability and, last but not least, making your CV more attractive for future employability.

Mobility is an excellent medicine against shyness, intolerance, racism... and is highly addictive! Most students who travel during their Bachelor's degree repeat the experience during their Master's degree. We encourage our students to spend part of their studies at some university abroad, especially in European countries. This is usually accomplished through institutional bilateral agreements, which will allow you to take courses at the host university, work on your BSc/MSc final thesis abroad, take an internship in foreign companies, or take a double degree. Scholarships are available for covering part of the extra costs that you may face: periodically we will advertise the open calls to which you can apply by yourself.

In the following sections you can find all the information you need on: 


What you can study abroad (courses, thesis, work placement, ...), when you can apply and when you can go abroad for the mobility period, and where you can go.

The procedures you have to follow in order to apply for a mobility period.

Scholarships currently available in order to economically help you during your mobility period.


Please, help us improving our mobility offer and answer this short questionnaire! [Podeu accedir a la versió en català, clicant aquí]