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Bachelor’s and master’s theses




  • Offer and assignment of thesis topics: through SIA.

  • Enrollment

    • During the ordinary enrollment period (see link below).

    • Enrollment requests received after the deadlines must be requested through DEMANA-OSD (Topic help / Tema de ayuda: TFG-TFM/thesis; Matricula/Enrollment-Registration) and should be approved by the Head of Master Studies.

  • Supervision: Preferibly face-to-face or mixed. Depending on the opinion of the advisor, it could be done remotely (on-line).

  • Defense:

    • Definition of the evaluation commitee: at SIA.

    • Defense: Face-to-face. Exceptionally, it could be done on-line, if there is a justification, and in this case it should be approved by the Vice Dean of Planning of the School, and the URL of the videoconference room should appear clearly in the "place" ("lugar de lectura") field in SIA. This is specially important for Master Theses, whose defenses are a public ceremony.

    • Evaluation:

      • Bachelor degree thesis (TFG). Marks witll be uploaded in SIA (pre and post defense marks) and final validation by the secretary of the evaluation committee.

      • Master degree thesis (TFM). The secretary of the evaluation committee will upload in SIA the global mark agreed by the evaluation committee, including, if that is the case, the Honors distinction proposal, which should be justified in the appropriate text box.

  • Signature of documents: The Oficina de Suport a la Docència del CBL will process the signatures of the qualification certificate through Portafirmes when the members of the evaluation committee have finished uploading their marks. In case of a proposal for a Honors distinction, a justification will be included. If the thesis is under a confidentiality / non-disclosure agreement, all the members of the evaluation committees should sign the confidentiality / non-disclosure agreement through Portafirmes.

  • Thesis in companies or research centres: Follow the academic process besides the university-company agreement ony if the thesis tasks can be done remotely. Otherwise, the thesis should be performed face-to-face.




On this webpage you can find all the instructions on registration, enrolment, deposit and assessment of bachelor’s and master’s theses of EETAC students.

The Baix Llobregat Campus Library has a catalogue of resources, advice and suggestions on the final thesis that you can consult here: 6 steps to make your TFG/TFM a success.

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