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INTERNSHIPS OFFERS that arrive to EETAC directly from the companies. These offers have already been filtered by the School, according to EETAC rules. 


You can also find internships by yourself, however, bear in mind that the offer must be introduced in UPC system before signing the agreement.  

UPC-Alumni is a service that the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) offers to its graduates and to those currently enrolled, with the main goal of enhancing their sense of belonging to UPC and offering services and resources that facilitate networking and interactions, as well as the possibility of developing, through its network, new professional and personal relationships. Among the available services, UPC-Alumni disseminate the job offers that they receive and offer free online courses to help you prepare and find an internship. You can check it out through their website!  

If you enrol to UPC-Alumni, you can access the offers corresponding to the EETAC School (info in CAT or SPA).

Club EETAC Alumni
 - At EETAC there is a club of former students (alumni), a sort of a network for developing their careers. Would you like to stay in? In this page you can find information on upcoming activities organized by the club: don't miss them


Job offers through EETAC: If you are an EETAC graduate, you can access the offers that come directly to us, by entering your ID in this link (info in Catalan).