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The generic procedures for EETAC students are listed below: 

Once you get a mobility position from EETAC or you have been assigned to one of the other programs, you can follow the other procedures:



Applications through e-secretaria (online) 

START: 23/01/2023

END: 12/02/2023

JUST SICUE: Submitting the required documentation through UPC Electronic Office (online)

START: 13/02/2023

END: 27/02/2023

Provisional list of accepted applications


Deadline for student's confirmation 


Final list of accepted applications




Generic procedure and calendar

You must follow this procedure in case you want to apply to any mobility program rather than UNITECH program or Erasmus+ traineeship


WhenWhat you have to do / What we do for you

Attend the informative meeting at EETAC 

You can check the latest presentation here


Apply through e-secretary for Q1 and/or Q2. You can choose up to 5 destination (priority list!). 

Also, you need to upload a zip file with the following documents (strictly in English) here


  • CV
  • Cover letter
  • Academic transcript of records (ToR) - SIA
  • English and/or other languages certificates
Please, use your identification (name and surname) to name your documents!

Read the provisional list of accepted applications in e-secretary

You have to accept or refuse the assigned position


Read the final resolution in e-secretary 

Your mobility position may be accepted by the UPC but not yet by the host university. 


Once you have accepted the assigned position:  

  1. We send to our partners your nomination 
  2. They will inform you about their procedures in order to apply and about the documents they need
  3. You attend the meeting that we organize for nominated students (you'll receive an email).
  4. You prepare all the documents needed for your admission at the host university, like your Learning Agreement (LA).
    You can find the LA for Erasmus+ program here, and the LA for other programs here
    You must propose a list of courses you would like to attend at the host university(they will send you info about the catalogue). Please remember that only technological courses related to your study plan can be recognized once you are back(for instance, UPC does not recognize language courses, even though you could earn ECTS credits by doing them).
    The EETAC Academic Mobility Coordinator must approve and sign your LA, first.
    Then, the Academic Mobility Coordinator at the host university must approve and sign your LA. It is responsibility of the student to get all the documents required by the host University on time.
  5. You will receive the acceptance letter sent by the host university and you must send it by email to: 



SICUE Procedure

First, you must follow the general procedures in order to apply within the established period. 
Once you get nominated by EETAC for a mobility stage inside Spain, then you have to follow specific application procedures defined below.  


Students who meet the requirements of the call and wish to participate in the SICUE mobility program must present at UPC Electronic Office the documents detailed in the call. Generally, you will be asked to prepare (all documents in Spanish): CV, cover letter, Transcript of Records (from eSecretaria) and Impreso A from CRUE. However, as requirements may change from year to year, we recommend you to carefully read all the information provided by the MEC.  The average mark of the ToR will be used to establish the priority list among the candidates.

UNITECH Procedure

The UNITECH application process has 3 main stages and does not require a previous nomination by EETAC (that is, you do not need to follow the general procedures explained above):

  1. Presentation of your application, online through the UNITECH website. Please go to: and read the instructions. Please prepare in advance all the required information (language certificate, transcript of records, list of subjects in your proposed study plan at the host university, your picture and your CV). Please note that the application tool closes automatically in the indicated deadline. Applications sent by e-mail or presented in paper will be rejected; only the applications presented online in the UNITECH website will be valid.

  2. If necessary, depending on the number of applicants, there would be a pre-selection of candidates at the home university. Usually, if there are more than 18 candidates. Please check more information through the Vice Dean of External Relations at EETAC (

  3. You must attend the mandatory event, called the "AssessmentCenter" (AC).

Erasmus+ Traineeship Procedure

You can enroll for an Erasmus+ traineeship in any period of the year. Foreign companies do not use to advertise their offer to us, so we are not able to handle their offer nor their economical conditions, as we do instead for national internships. Thus, you have to search available positions and handle the whole application process by yourself. Regarding the salary, we approve the foreign internship under the economic conditions accepted between the student and the company.

Once you get the position assigned, you have to contact our mobility office () in order to sign the Traineeship Agreement.  

More information here.



Once you have got the acceptance letter from the host institution, you have to start organizing your mobility period abroad. You can check this website if you need some help to find a home.

You can access specific information (log in required - info may be in Catalan) on what to do in case you enroll for: 

You have to fill in the document with the list of courses and activities to enroll.
You have to enroll at UPC as mobility student (same calendar as any other EETAC student) and sign the pre-compromise.
UPC generates the financial agreement – Needed at the host university as a guaranteed of the mobility.
You must hire the travel insurance (civil responsibility) and apply for your health card (diseases). 


After being nominated, make sure you have delivered this documents to the EETAC Mobility Office:

  • Application Form (usually the pdf document after completing the online application form at the host university)
  • Learning Agreement (see point 4 in the table above)
  • Letter or e-mail of acceptance sent by the host university
  • Document to prepare the enrolment (see point 7 in the table above)
  • For European destinations: the financial agreement (original)
  • Compulsory insurance, with the following: 
    1. Healthcare: including diagnostic tests and surgical interventions
    2. Accident coverage in the country of destination
    3. Repatriation in case of death


In this website you will find specific information (coverage and budget) addressed to university students with the services requested:

If you already have another insurance or choose another option, you must provide us with a certificate issued by the insurance company, which contains at least the coverage specified above during the period of the stay. This certificate must be delivered before starting the mobility period (original copy). Here you can find the model for the certification of insurance.

It is mandatory to deliver to the EETAC mobility office the original of the insurance before you leave.  

NOTICE: In the e-secretary, you will find the list of documents that you must have during the whole process of mobility together with the status of each one (e.g., as it is pending presentation or delivery).



As soon as you arrive at the host University, you should go to their Mobility Office and ask them the following documents:

  1. The Certificat d'Arribada (certificate of arrival) that you can find in e-Secretaria. You have 10 days to send it to us by email (). This document is essential in order to receive the grant. 

  2. The Learning Agreement signed by the host University, in case you have not been able to get it before going there.
    WARNING: in case you need to make any change in your LA, you will need to first in order to approve the changes. To make the changes valid, you will then need to fill out the section during the mobility in the Learning Agreement.

Please, do not forget to follow all the instructions of the host University (regarding the welcome meeting, modification procedures, etc.). Before you leave, do not forget to ask for your Certificat d'Estada (Certificate of stay). You must get it signed within the last days of your stay at the host university and bring back to EETAC the orginal version signed

As part of your duties as an EETAC mobility student, do not forget that you represent our School at the host university, so try to share your experience with other students and let them know about your home university. Also, may we ask you to share your experience through a short video recorded in some nice spot at the host university or through a short written description with one or two photos, which we will post in this webpage after you sign your consent. You can send us the material at:  



Once you have finished your mobility period, you have to bring to the Oficina Oberta the original documents:

  1. Certificat d'Estada in order to receive the grant
  2. Certificat de Notes. You will see the resolution in your e-Secretaria in the following days
  3. In case you have worked on your Bachelor or Master Thesis abroad, do not forget you have to upload to the system the thesis final report and in some cases you may be asked to defend your work at EETAC (here you can find specific information for the Bachelor thesis and for the Master thesis abroad (log in required)). 
  4. In case you want the traineeship period abroad to be recognized as your curricular traineeship (Bachelor only), you have to deliver to us the final report with a summary of your experience. This report is not necessary in case your traineeship period abroad covers the Bachelor or Master thesis. Visit our section of Internships abroad for more information.

Some more steps are necessary in order to receive the grant:

  • Fill out the survey that you will receive by email.