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Bachelor's degree in Telecommunications Systems

The following is a detail of the curriculum of the Bachelor's degree in Telecommunications Systems of the EETAC. For further information on access, grants, registration, enrolment, etc. click on this link.

Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications Systems provides the cross-disciplinary training needed to conceive, design, implement and operate telecommunications systems based on generating, transmitting, receiving and processing electrical, acoustic and optical signals across the frequency spectrum, and the processing of associated information. You will learn the fundamentals and applications that will qualify you to design, implement and operate any telecommunications product, infrastructure or service based on radio systems – whether fixed or mobile, terrestrial or satellite – or on optical communications. 

There is a common access for Bachelor's degree in Telecommunications Systems and Bachelor's degree in Telematics Engineering. Students can choose  which degree they want to study when they finish the common block. They can also choose to study the double degree in both bachelor's degree in the Telecommunication field.



(*) Check this link to know how many groups are taught in English each semester.