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Internships in Spain



  • The internship must be regulated through an Internship Agreement (IA) and under the conditions set out in the EETAC regulations (document in Catalan)
  • All the Internship Agreements are processed automatically through our online platform
  • In case the offer from a company does not fit with the conditions and regulations established by the School, the Internship Agreement cannot be signed 
  • A maximum of 20 hours per week are permitted during lecturing periods, and a maximum of 35 h/week during summer and/or Christmas holidays or for Internships related with the Final Thesis
  • The internship must be paid 





1. Find an internship

You can rather access the pool of internship offers that we publish through the online platform or search one on your own:

    • If you sign up for an internship through our platform, the company will receive your curriculum and contact you for the selection process.
    • In case you have found an internship on your own, the company will need to sign up in our platform.

Once the selection process has finalized, the company will have to specify the work plan and to define a supervisor in the same online platform. 

The tasks proposed in the work plan must be directly related to the student's degree program.


2. Work Plan Validation

The work plan must be validated by the student's academic supervisor first, and by the vice dean of external relations.

The student must contact his/her academic supervisor to carry out the monitoring plan (intermediate and final report).

The student must review all the information and add its Social Security number. In case of not having it, the student has to ask for it in this link.

Then, in the case that all the items are accepted, finally, validate the work plan. This automatically generates the internship agreement in pdf format and the instructions of the next steps are sent.


3. Signature of the Internship Agreement

Once the conditions of the agreement have been accepted by everyone, the signature process begins. When the agreement is validated by EETAC, the pdf of the agreement is created and sent by email to the person of the registered company to digitally sign the document. Once done, and returned to the same school email address, it is uploaded to the system (e-secretary). Then the student and the director of the centre have to sign. Once completed, the copy signed by all will be received. And if this is the case, the enrolment is also prepared at the same place.

The usual way for signing the document is with an electronic signature / digital certificate (scanned documents are not accepted).

More info (only for curricular internships within the UPC) on how to sign a PDF (Follow the instructions in points 1-5): (only in Catalan)

For people with the idCAT certificate:

IMPORTANT: Please remember that before the agreement has been signed by the three parties, the student can not start the internship period. In the event that the student begins before having the copies of the agreement signed and delivered, the School is not responsible for possible Labor and Social Security Inspections.


4. Enrollment

You have to enroll the internship only in the case of curricular internship or internship related to the Final Thesis. The enrollment can be done once the internship agreement has been signed. 


5. Supervision

During the internship, the student must give feedback to the academic supervisor regarding problems and tasks developed in the company.


6. Evaluation

When the internship comes to an end, the company will provide its evaluation in the online platform.

Also, the student must upload the report to the online platform and complete his/her evaluation (the company does not see it!).

Once the company and the student have completed their evaluations, the academic tutor will be able to carry out the final assessment.


Here you can find the current EETAC offer for external internships.

If you have any question, please contact us!