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Admission MED

(Spanish version)

If you are seeking admission to the Master's degree in Applications and Technologies for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones) taught at the Escola d’Enginyeria de Telecomunicació i Aeroespacial de Castelldefels (EETAC) on the Baix Llobregat Campus, you will need to check the admission requirements and conditions. The complete regulation of master's studies is published annually in the Academic Regulation for Bachelor's and Master's Degrees at the UPC.


This master is taugth in English.


CALENDARYou can find the admission and enrolment periods for new students in Processes for MED New students.


The procedure for gaining admission to a master’s degree involves taking the following steps (in chronological order):



1.1  Candidates must apply for registration in the online application       

You must send your application through the platform: Admission to UPC studies and pay the pre-registration fee.

You can check the deadline for submitting applications and attach documentation in the calendar indicated at the top of the page. The forecast of the next pre-registration periods can be consulted in the UPC Academic Calendar (catalan).

The master will be active in the platform to be able to choose it only during the pre-registration period.

Please note that your application is only valid for the course and semester in which it is requested. If you get a place, you must enroll or formalize a place reservation, since if not, in future calls, you will have to start the process from the beginning.


1.2  Administrative validation of applications by the center

When you have entered all the data requested by the application, if you meet the access requirements and have attached all the required documentation, you will receive an email informing you of the administrative validation.

1.3  Academic validation of applications by the center

If the application is admitted to the master according to the academic criteria, you will receive an admission email. To confirm that you have a place, you must consult the list of admitted. The master's coordinator may require more information / documentation to complete the validation. If you are not admitted you will still be informed by email.

1.4  Acceptance of the admission notification by the candidate

Once the admission notification is received, you must ACCEPT the application in the pre-registration application.

You must make the advanced payment for the admission by following the instructions that you will receive (within 48 hours) by email. Payment is made through e-Secretaria and to access you will need a username and password that you will have received by mail (check your Spam folder). This amount will be deducted from the total enrollment once formalized, but, if it is not formalized, it will not be returned unless the master is not taught.

With the admission document, non-EU students can start the visa application procedures that allow them to stay in our country to study the university master's program. This document will be sent to non-EU students and on demand, if necessary, to the rest of the students. It will be issued once we have proof of the payment made.

If you are an international student and need advice regarding legal issues, procedures and stay in the country, you can visit the website and / or contact the UPC International Relations Office.


It is very important that you check the pre-registration and registration fees applicable to the master's degrees:

The fee is applied for each pre-registration for a university master's degree managed by the UPC. This amount is non-refundable.



To formalize the application you must register as a candidate / candidate and fill in all the sections of Personal Information (personal, academic and curriculum data).

Important: You must state your full name and surname / s SAME as they appear on your identity document / passport. The postal address must be complete.

Attach the documentation, in electronic version, in the pre-registration application (Personal Information > Documentation section)

Choose and add the studies you want to access (Request Management> Requests section)

Click the "SEND APPLICATION" button and click the "PAY" button to pay the pre-registration fee.

    • If the "pay" button does not appear operative, it is because you need to enter mandatory information (it will be marked with *).

    • Payment can only be made by credit card (check your browser to accept pop-up windows)


The documentation that you must attach in electronic version in the pre-registration application is as follows:

    • DNI/NIE/Passport

    • University degree or receipt of the university degree that gives access to the master's degree.

    • Personal Academic Certificate of university studies that gives access to the master's degree (list of subjects / subjects taken with the grades obtained).

For academic validation it will also be required:

    • Currículum Vitae.

    • English level certification (B2 (or higher) of the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages”, or an equivalent level in other scales (IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge, etc.)

    • Motivation letter (sample of personal interest in the master).

    • Equivalence of average marks of university studies carried out in foreign centers. This document is requested electronically at the following link. It must be uploaded SIGNED.

    • Letter of recommendation (references from former professors, job managers, etc.)

If the documents are Spanish, they can be attached digitally signed and with a verification code.. 

In the case of foreign studies, the documentation must be duly legalized and translated

Candidates with studies obtained outside the EU who present non-legalized documentation will obtain a conditional admission. Admission will be final once the duly legalized documents have been submitted.

Only for UPC bachelor degree students who have NOT YET FINISHED THEIR BACHELOR DEGREE pending the (TFG) and a maximum of 9 ECTS (including pending recognised or transferred credits) or WITH FINISHED STUDIES BUT pending of the foreign language competence: you can request admission and enrol the master (if admitted). In this case, the candidate has to upload her/his current transcript of records, showing pending courses/credits or pending language competence. These students, in any case, must finish the Bachelor’s degree and obtain the Bachelor’s degree certificate before obtaining the Master's degree certificate.

Candidates who have not completed their undergraduate studies at the time of pre-registration but expect to complete them on the date of enrollment can obtain conditional admission. In that, students have to attach their current transcript and their last registration showing that they have enrolled the pending subjects or credits and therefore they can end up obtaining the required degree title and start their processing before the day of registration.



The School will publish the resolution of admitted students (you will find an access link in the calendar) and informs the candidates.

Admitted students will receive an email specifying the dates and instructions to formalize the enrollment. This information can also be consulted in the calendar.

In the case a candidate is not admitted, the reason will be specified.



As of the 2020-2 academic year, the School will send digitally signed letters of admission to the master's degree by email to foreign candidates who need to complete visa procedures. Failing that, you can also make use of sending letters by certified mail.



Admitted candidates must appear at the center to formalize the registration (they will be previously informed if the registration is done online).


Original and photocopy of documents will be provided.

The documentation must be duly legalized and translated in the case of foreign studies.

The documentation that you must attach is the following:

    • University degree or receipt of the university degree that gives you access to the master's degree.
    • Personal Academic Certificate of the university studies that give you access to the master's degree (list of subjects taken with the grades obtained), issued by the university where said studies were taken and with the corresponding signature/s
    • Original of the DNI for the candidates of Spanish nationality, original and photocopy of the Passport + NIE or receipt of the NIE application process, for the candidates of non-Spanish nationality.

    • Equivalence of average marks of university studies carried out in foreign centers. This document is requested electronically at the following link. It must be uploaded SIGNED.

After enrollment, foreign students who require it can obtain, self service in e-secretaria, a letter with which they can start the process of obtaining the NIE/TIE card. This procedure must be done the first days of your arrival in Spain at the police stations.

If for any justified reason the candidates need to postpone the start of their studies, they will be sent a request for an instance and the necessary instructions to request a place reservation. This reservation entails the payment of a fee.



If you have any doubts about the academic field (subjects to be taken, structure of the study plan, professional opportunities offered by the master's degree, professional attributions of the degree, etc.) you can expand the information on the MED master's website or send an email to Academic Head of the master's degree:


If you are an international student and need advice regarding legal issues, procedures and stay in the country, you can visit the website and / or contact the UPC International Relations Office.