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Degree certificate

(Catalan version)


Once you have passed all the courses and met the requirements, you can apply for your degree certificate and Diploma Supplement.

You will know that you can apply for the degree certificate when the information below appears on the homepage of your e-Secretaria:

Status of the academic record: Closed
Status of the student: Graduate

(This will occur about a week after you have defended your thesis.)

The Diploma Supplement (DS) is a document that provides information on the degree awarded, including a description of its nature, level, context and content. The DS is printed in Catalan, Spanish and English and is designed to aid recognition of the degree across Europe.


Who can apply

  • The graduate, who must apply for it online.

The fees for the degree certificate and DS can be consulted in the document PREUS ACADÈMICS[ACADEMIC FEES] published by the Catalan government every year. If you are eligible for a discount you must provide the document that proves this fact


To start the procedure, you must submit an identity document.

  • Spanish nationals: current DNI or passport. For pre-EHEA degrees, only a DNI is accepted.

  • Foreigners: current NIE or passport. For pre-EHEA degrees, only a passport is accepted.

You must have a current digital means of identification to apply in the e-services portal (electronic DNI, UPC card, UPC certificate, IdCat or FNMT certificate).

How to apply

  1. Start a ticket in DEMANA UPC-OSD by choosing the options Títol / Degree Certificate --> Degree certificate and Diploma Supplement application. You will be sent the application form in the ticket so that you can check it and sign it. You will then be sent the payment form so that you can pay the fee. The most common way of paying is by credit card.

    The fee is paid in the e-Secretaria. If you do not have access to the e-Secretaria, your school will provide you with the payment form. You can then pay and attach the payment form when you apply in the UPC's e-services portal.

  1. Submit your application in the UPC's e-services portal. Select the option "Sol·licitud del títol universitari oficial de Grau / Màster" and then the school you took your degree at.

    You must attach a copy of your valid and current identity document and the signed (by hand or electronically) application form that the staff at the Oficina Oberta gave you when you began the procedure.

    If applicable, you must also attach any other document that justifies any changes that are not reflected in your current identity document (for example, a certificate from the Civil Registry if your first name and/or surnames have changed).

  1. Once you have submitted your application and paid the fee, the school secretary will check all the information and issue proof that you have applied and paid for the degree certificate and DS. This document is as valid as the degree certificate while the latter is being processed.


When to apply

Throughout the academic year, once the status of the academic record and the student in the e-Secretaria is Closed/Graduate. Please check our office hours before coming to see us.