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Educational Offer

The academic year at EETAC is structured in two semesters:

  • Autumn semester (QT): from mid September to the end of January (examination periods included)
  • Spring semester (QP): from mid February to the end of June (examination periods included)

For further information on the academic year please check the current Academic Calendar.

The educational offer at EETAC consists of courses, thesis and/or traineeship

Courses and thesis

According to your background and area of expertise, you can check for more information here: 




Courses in:

Network Engineering and

Telecommunications Systems



Bachelor thesis in:

Network Engineering and

Telecommunications Systems


Bachelor thesis




Courses Courses
Master thesis Master thesis
Courses in Drone technology



You can also apply for a traineeship in one of our laboratories. A traineeship is an Erasmus program that gives higher education students the option to work on a project or completing a training experience with our academic staff. 

If you are interested in applying for a traineeship at EETAC, we recommend that you first check what our researchers works on at our Faculty and identify a professor and a topic to work on. You can either check specific projects here (in Catalan, but some projects are advertised in English) or what we are currently researching on here

Once you got a positive answer from one of our professors, you should send us an e-mail ( specifying:

  • Your area of interest
  • The professor you have contacted for your traineeship (name, surname, email)
  • Your motivation 
  • Your suggested dates for the stay
  • Your CV 
Once we have agreed on the terms of the traineeship, you will have to provide us with the Traineeship Agreement fully filled in and signed by you and your home university.