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Dimecres 9 de març - Xerrada "Technical challenges in travel search"

Dimecres 9 de març - Xerrada "Technical challenges in travel search"

El dimecres 9 de març tindrà lloc la vuitena xerrada de totes les que el MASTEAM organitzarà enguany, dirigides a tota la comunitat EETAC i relacionades amb IoT (Internet of Things) i Smart Cities.

Technical challenges in travel search
Time and place:
 18.00 h - 028a
Speakers: Matthieu Morel, (Principal Engineering, Development Engineering) & Daniel Ametller, (Senior Software Engineering, Development Engineering)

Abstract: Skyscanner, as a fast growing travel company, has plenty of exciting technical challenges. Providing accurate, comprehensive and fast search results is already a complex problem. In addition, handling large and growing numbers of users also requires to design for scale and resiliency. We’ll be looking at some of our approaches to these problems, notably how and why we are transitioning to cloud environments. Then we’ll look at some concrete problems we work on in the Barcelona engineering office.


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