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Aerospace Seminars: Modern trends in satellite attitude control

Aerospace Seminars: Modern trends in satellite attitude control

Control d'actitud de satèl·litDilluns 26 de maig a les 12h:

Títol: Modern trends in satellite attitude control

Ponent: Giulio Avanzini, Department of Aerospace Engineering, Politecnico di Torino (Italy)

Lloc: Sala d'Actes de l'EPSC


Attitude stabilization and control are among the principal driving factors of satellite configuration. In 50 years a continuous evolution took place, from simple spherical shapes (Sputnik), to axi-symmetric, gyroscopically stabilized satellites, up to modern large spacecraft actively stabilized about the three axes (e.g. the International Space Station).

Parallel to this, attitude control techniques emerged which are now capable of fully autonomous operations. The talk will offer a brief overview of the strongly coupled problems of satellite configuration and attitude control, focusing in the last part on some modern tecniques for autonomous operations of large satellites.

The implementation of the globally stabilizing quaternion feedback control through a cluster of control moment gyroscopes will be discusses and some recent results by the author presented, in the framework of complex slew manoeuvres in presence of "forbidden" attitudes.

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