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Dimecres 4 de maig - Xerrada "How to create an IoT company"

Dimecres 4 de maig - Xerrada "How to create an IoT company"

El dimecres 4 de maig tindrà lloc la desena xerrada de totes les que el MASTEAM organitzarà enguany, dirigides a tota la comunitat EETAC i relacionades amb IoT (Internet of Things) i Smart Cities.

Title and speaker: "How to create an IoT company", Antoni Brey from Urbiotica

Time and place: 18.00 h. - 128B

Abstract: How is it to create a company in a new technological field such as Internet of Things? What are the business opportunities and the risks of entrepenurship in a new technology-related economical sector? We'll try to answer these and other questions from the real experience on how Urbiotica was created.

Bio: Antoni Brey was born in Sabadell (1967). He holds a BSc and MSc on Telecommunications Engineering from the UPC, and is currently the CEO of Urbiotica S.A, one of the most important companies on the IoT field in Barcelona, with projects implemented in more than 20 countries, focusing on the development of smart solutions based on sensor systems, designed to manage urban space more efficiently and sustainably.

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